What to do in Incantico

Here in Incantico, it is impossible to get bored because there is always something to do both for those who climb a mountain to get to the top and for people who prefer reading and meditation.
We accompany the guests to their cultural and natural itineraries, even when they are situated out of the Eco Resort. Our trusted partners help us on the way.

The incantico park: a world of activities

The park covers an area of 20 hectares and offers astonishing views.

In addition to being a place of unique charm, it is also a perfect place to carry out activities.

Walks and trekking

You can walk along more than 5000 meters of paths in complete tranquility and enjoy the peace of a journey in contact with nature and with your own inner self. On your way, you pass olive groves, woods, and gardens of all kinds.
If you follow the path to our Lower World and walk along the stream looking at centuries-old oaks and wooden bridges, you will be rewarded for your effort with a magnificent discovery of the natural waterfall over eight meters high. Brave souls dive in and bathe.
On your route, you are likely to observe not only flora but also fauna: deers, hares, or squirrels love our park and make it their home.
And of course, there are plenty of birds on the trees for your birdwatching. For them, we have feeders on the branches of the largest trees which we fill daily to make birds feel at home.


Our swimming pool (12×6) presents a swimmer with a breathtaking view of Mount Subasio in the background and splendid Umbrian hills completing the frame. Just enjoy your aperitif while observing nature with a glass of wine in your hand.


If you prefer an active lifestyle during your vacation, there is an open-air sports ground for you.
Have fun playing a game of volleyball or try your hand at archery, badminton, or croquet.


There are several places for a barbecue in the Eco Resort. Organize a pleasant meal yourself or call our staff to do it for you and your guests.


The silence of the place is really unique, so we always underline the fact that Incantico’s secluded corners are ideal for meditations of all kinds. Contact with the true reality of the moment in outdoor locations or in the rooms inside the buildings.

Outdoor cinema

During the summer we set up a giant screen in the amphitheater and allow our guests to enjoy the stars of the cinema and those of the sky.

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