Accommodation features

Colours, textures, and vibes

An environment that gives a sense of peace, security, and elegance due to remarkable details, such as curtains, antique mirrors, and the high double bed.
There are some truly unique furnishings in the apartment, among them the large carved wooden chair, with leather armrests and seat, which follows the style of the early German Baroque and ironically evokes a “throne”, and the art chandelier in the form of an ancient beam.
In the window there are the gardens of the Eco Resort, and, in the distance, Mount Subasio.
The garden faces north, allowing the shade of the house to grant freshness during hot summer days. The path leads to the common orchard of pears, apples, apricots, and almonds.


Costume sketches for the opera «The Queen of Spades» by Valeriy Leventhal. Sketches of decorations by Eduard Cocherghin (Grand Drama Theater of St. Petersburg) for the play «The Cherry Orchard» based on the play by A. P. Chekhov.

There is no happiness in the world, but there is peace and
I have long dreamed of an enviable fate -
For some time, a weary slave, I have been thinking of an escape
In a distant home of hard work and pure tenderness.

Aleksandr Puškin

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