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Leonid Krol

Welcome to Incantico!
My name is Leonid Kroll, I am a psychologist and have been practicing therapy and leading coaching groups for many years.
I like to create unique environments in which I enhance communication and encourage people’s growth. For this reason, while I was creating Incantico, I wanted to arrange a place not only for quiet, comfortable, and exclusive holidays but also for a complete, unique, and unusual experience.

Here, I strived to collect all the variety a life can present: spaces, landscapes, animals and plants, and also people.

Incantico is a household name, it is a place that you will not confuse with anything else. You say Incantico and everything is clear: life is a miracle.

Incantico is twenty hectares of an exquisite parkland of various landscapes: a shadowy forested ravine with a creek and a waterfall, a Chinese lake, sunny green hill slopes, fruit gardens, olive groves, and lavender glade.

Guests appreciate one of the best views of Mount Subasio and gorgeous scenery on the way over.

We developed the idea of combining a luxury hotel with the wild charm of nature. Open the window, hear the birds, smell the flowers, walk barefoot on the freshly cut lawn, and pick fruit from the trees.

The accommodations

There are two sites available to guests, which are inspired by quite different eras. The first is an ancient farmhouse typical for Umbria. It is built of stone, and we entitled it precisely, Good Auld Umbria. The other variant of accommodation consists of two wooden chalets revised in a modern version.

Each of our 14 apartments has its style and history. Hi-tech and carefully selected antiques meet in a unique design. Almost all of the furniture and furnishing elements were made by the Incantico craftsmen: this is how lamps, seats, tables, coat hangers, and many other things were born.

Our organic crops

We collaborate widely with Mother Nature, taking advantage not only of her light, water, and beauty but, above all, of her delicious fruits.

We have planted and cultivated over 300 fruit trees in our surroundings. They are not only best known, such as apples, peaches, pears, cherries, plums, or figs, but also more exotic tastes such as feijoa, loquat, or the haveenia dulcis.
We have also planted and cultivated 500 olive trees and we press organic oil which our chef uses in the kitchen.

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