network: Incantico
password: Incantico (with a capital letter i)
The Wi-Fi coverage is available in all apartments, in the gardens, in the restaurant, and in all areas accessible to the public.

Air conditioning

Each apartment is equipped with its own independent air conditioning system, which works according to the predefined settings and switches off automatically when the specified parameters are reached or when doors or windows are opened. Access to the air conditioning control is carried out through the control panel located on one of the walls of your apartment.

Temperature setting

1. To access the “Functions” mode, hold down the «F» key (third from left) for two seconds.

2. Using the – and + keys (button N°1 and N°2 from the left) the user will find the “Con” (comfort) mode. Select it by pressing «F» and it will be possible to set the room temperature, by using – and +. As soon as the room temperature reaches the parameters set by the user, the system enters the standby mode until the parameters are no longer respected.

Air flow control

The user can set the power of the air flow by pressing the button N°4 (fourth from the left) and choosing parameters from 1 to 3 in the settings or allowing the system to determine independently the required power by choosing mode A (Automatic).

* We take care to preserve the environment and save energy, in relation to this, our air conditioning system is configured to turn off automatically when the windows or doors are open.


The toilets are equipped with the bidet system. By lifting the toilet bowl you can see the retractable mechanism for washing. The control button is located on the right side of the toilet.


1. By pressing the “Wash” button (first from the right) a nozzle will come out and will supply the water useful for cleaning. You can stop the flow of water yourself by pressing the same button again, otherwise the jet will last 20 secon-ds, after which the nozzle will move back to its initial position.

2. The + and – keys allow you to adjust the jet pressure.
3. The On and Off keys allow you to use hot water, if it is in the ON position (LED on) or cold water if it is in the OFF position (LED off).

* The cleaning and sterilization of the washing device takes place automatically before and after each washing.

Dish washer

1. Load the dishwasher, making sure you have removed food or other remains first.
2. Load the detergent tablet into the space provided on the front of the door
3. Press the ON / OFF button (first from the right)
4. Select the program using the PROGR button and close the door

ATTENTION: if the door will be opened during the washing phase, the procedure will be suspended until it is closed.


• Press the “ON/OFF” button (the first on the right right) to switch on the oven.
• Use the “F” key to set the cooking mode.
• Use the “°C” key to set the oven temperature.

In addition, each kitchen is equipped with an extractor hood, which will allow you to eliminate fumes, vapors and odors released by cooking food and to guarantee a kitchen environment free of polluting substances.

ATTENTION: the oven and the dishwasher cannot be used simultaneously. Turn off the dishwasher before using the oven.

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