Your holiday in Umbria

Incantico Eco Resort is the ideal location for your stay in Umbria. Have a nice time restoring your body and mind harmony.

Incantico Eco Resort: your holiday in the green heart of Italy

You can choose a small holiday or a long stay in Incantico. Both are possible due to our position which allows you not to be bored and, at the same time, enjoy silence and privacy.

Incantico is located in a perfectly quiet place while remaining a few km from the most famous centers of our region.
We suggest accommodations of all sizes, according to your needs. All the accommodations have a kitchen.
All this makes them perfect for any kind of travel, as a couple, alone, with family, and with friends.
The spacious park full of picturesque landscapes and activities allows you to spend your holiday time within the resort and never become bored.
It is a place of inspiration, relaxation, and recharge away from the daily chaos of the city.
Whatever type of holiday you are looking for, you will find it here.

Relax in Incantico Eco Resort: nature and comfort

Each of our 14 apartments combines perfect comfort and refined design.
For comfort, there are technologies and our qualified staff ready to satisfy any wish or need.

For design, every apartment is created in its unique, authentic style and manner, including antique and modern elements arranged together for the most fascinating impressions.

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The park: various and meditative

Incantico Eco Resort possesses a huge park of twenty hectares which we are proud of.
For you to retire into yourself there are more than 5000 meters of paths through untouched nature.
For celebrating life with your family and friends we offer you a swimming pool set in a breathtaking setting, several spaces for sporting activities, a barbecue available to guests, and an open-air cinema for summer evenings.

Around Incantico: discover Umbria

Staying in Incantico you can visit nearby towns and cities of Umbria: Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto, or Gubbio, to name a few.
Choose Incantico to discover all the beauty of the Green Heart of Italy.

The restaurant: quality and sustainability

The restaurant’s cuisine is very close to a km 0 standard. We pay particular attention to fruit, cereals, and olive oil produced within the resort.
Here you can taste the typical dishes of Umbria cooked with a modern twist.
Everything that is not produced within the resort comes from local farmers and companies.

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