Dromes - what is it

Leonid Kroll, the owner of Incantico:
“As a psychologist, I created Incantico as a tool for communication with the world and with other people. It is a park that has been designed to promote and support personal transformation.
That is why here you can find spaces designed to awaken the imagination and discover unusual points of view and perspectives: these are our racing tracks that I call Dromes”.

What is a drom

The drom can be defined as a training tool, but rather a particular one.
It empowers the part of our mind that produces associations and images. Each drom breaks the pattern of our habitual postures and movement, redirects our attention, and facilitates brain plasticity. Therefore, we begin to see, perceive and think differently, to make decisions using ways more varied than before.
The dromes are unique. They are perfect for carrying out coaching sessions, training courses, spiritual retreats, open-air meetings, individual meditation in silence, or playing all sorts of games or amateur theater performances.
Dromes are serious and playful, they invite us to invent, change and grow.

Our dromes

Triclinium (Roman Council)

Twelve marble beds are arranged on a mosaic floor under three ancient oaks.
In ancient Roma, citizens used to communicate while sitting or lying down on coaches. Therefore, this drom has been designed to remind us of the classic models of interpersonal communication and to encourage overcoming the limits of standard postures. Triclinium provokes freedom of expression, and mutual trust, and involves the members of the group to solve problems together.

Pulsating Sphere

This stone amphitheater is built on the hill in the shape of a semicircle and is dominated by the branches of oaks. In the center of the sphere, there is the Round Table of King Arthur, where a group can feel themselves like the real Knights in the castle of Camelot.
A drom is designed to facilitate dialogue, group discussion, and active participation.

Game of thrones

Twelve Thrones staying in a circle are inspired by the famous saga of “Game of Thrones”.
Each participant chooses her throne, and then during the discussion people exchange their thrones and their opinions. The participants learn to see things, literally, from different points of view. In corporate teams, the game facilitates the ability to grow and overcome the traditional concept of vertical leadership.


We build a fireplace on a high hill with the most fascinating view of Mount Subasio. Around the fireplace, there are twelve stones arranged in a circle. It is a quiet space to admire the wonders of the night sky and to keep silence together.

The Eye-Well

We build an ancient-looking stone well that resembles an apple of an eye in the middle of the wood. The brook streams nearby accompanied by the sound of birds and the wind in the leaves above. It is one of the magical places for meditating and contemplating alone.


A small expanse of sand is gathered between stone walls. Sandboxes are necessary not only for children but for grown-ups, too. Interacting with the sand gives us the possibility to touch the world and to better understand how children and adults play. What role do you have in relational dynamics?

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