Assisi, the city of San Francesco, is famous for its mysticism and spirituality which are difficult to find elsewhere.

The favorite destination for pilgrims in search of the places where the Poverello lived, the city is a trove of many cultural and artistic treasures.
In addition to numerous churches, starting from the famous Basilica of San Francesco, there are a lot of museums, galleries, and historical places. For example, we recommend you to see the underground Assisi, a hidden side of the city that deserves to be discovered.
The historic buildings, alleys, and many other wonders gave Assisi the right to enter the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Roman Amphitheater, the Rocca Maggiore, and the Eremo delle Carceri are just a few examples.
Near Assisi, there is the Park of Mount Subasio, which is situated at an altitude of 1290 meters above sea level. The Mount dominates all the surrounding hills and valleys; this paradise for trekking lovers provides various excursions for experts and enthusiasts.

The calendimaggio of Assisi

The Calendimaggio (May Day) of Assisi is an event that takes place every first Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday after May 1st every year, to celebrate the arrival of spring.
The origins of Calendimaggio throwback to the ancient Umbrian inhabitants who celebrated the return of the warm season and the renewal of life.
Today the Calendimaggio remains the hymn to love and joie de vivre after the difficult winter days: people dance, drink, sing, and exclaim verses to greet the flower season.
Today the two parts into which the city is divided (the Noble Part above and the Magnificent Part below) recall the times of Calendimaggio with an ancient challenge: for three days the city relives its past reviving the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

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