Incantico “Estate”: much more than a park

Frames, scents and emotions: the 20 hectares of the Incantico park are a journey in close contact with unspoiled nature.

Incantico: an encounter between nature art and free imagination

Getting to know the entire park would be impossible, but you will certainly never want to stop discovering it.
It is a magical environment, where energies and spirituality converge, capable of embracing its guests and surprising them at every corner.

Here the creative flair, passion and love of those who have contributed to giving shape to this place have found maximum expression, which has the incredible strength of knowing how to intertwine with the thoughts and sensations of those who pass through it.

The unusual places of incantico

The park is truly a special world, unique and different from anywhere else on the globe.
You can choose how to experience it and above all how to experience its places, many of which we are sure will fascinate you with their beauty and their magnetism. They are not simple spaces, but real creations, capable of awakening the imagination and wonder.
Here are some:

The Secret Universe, a path that runs along the entire perimeter of the estate, up to a natural waterfall over eight meters high where you can refresh yourself, together with the pools that you meet along the way or the stream that is located in the so-called avenue of the giants.

World Tree, an ancient oak tree, a secluded place for meditation.

The Chinese Garden with its bio-lake, a very clear artificial basin that houses some koi carp, typical of Asia. Inside, right where the water descends from the rocks, a small tub has been created to sit and take refuge. The garden abounds in natural shade and trees whose fruits can be enjoyed in freedom. A typical Chinese portal is at the main entrance to welcome guests and immerse them in the atmosphere.

The Autumn Garden, a set of trees with purely autumnal colors that reach their maximum splendor in the foliage season. It develops around a hydraulic engineering complex, built in stone as in antiquity, which dams rainwater. Here is also the romantic grotto, set by sinuous brambles, where it is possible to enter to enjoy a few moments of meditation.

Alice’s Grove, a maple wood crossed by a stone path where water flows during the winter. Perfect for walking or taking advantage of the hammocks located throughout the area.

The Lavender Spiral which houses three thousand lavender bushes planted in twelve spiral-shaped lines that create a surprising place to see and smell, with a magnificent view of the neighboring hills and Mount Subasio.
Here you can find forty ancient pomegranate plants and our apiary with ten hives.

Mandala, a round-shaped orchard, a circle with a diameter of 84 meters with twelve rays defined by apple, plum, pear and cherry trees: twelve tree-lined avenues that converge towards the centre, where an ancient oak stands.
You can walk around, sit on the 12 benches, one for each ray, pick fruit or simply observe the view.

Please contribute too

Would you like to participate in the growth of the Incantico park?
During their stay, our guests can plant their own personal tree, so as to see it grow over the years (just make the request a little in advance by contacting us).
You can choose from many types: walnut, apricot, peach, plum or apple, just to name a few.
Planting a tree is a simple but incredibly important gesture: it literally means giving life.
The joy of this beautiful moment can be shared with friends and family, colleagues and partners.

The treasures of nature, the intelligence of man

Many of the objects found inside Incantico (starting from the furnishings of the apartments) are made by our workers.

Our craftsmen are at the complete disposal of guests: you can watch them carving wood, an authentic gift of the earth, ecological and sustainable, to shape a table, or while they are intent on forging iron, one of the most common precious materials in nature , to build a chair.

In our park there is poetry everywhere, the secret is being able to stop both physically and mentally, take a deep breath, exhale and look around.

History and philosophy
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