Incantico Eco-Resort: much more than a park

The 20 hectares of Incantico Park provide a journey in close contact with untouched nature.

Incantico: nature, art, and imagination

Our park is great, and we are proud of it.
We consider our park a kind of magical environment where the passion and creativity of those who have contributed to giving shape to this place have found maximum expression.
We are sure you too will embrace its landscapes and never want to stop discovering them.

The unusual places of incantico

There are places in our park that we regard as very special, nearly magnetic. They awaken imagination and creativity. We will be glad to see you experiencing them.
Here are some:

The Secret Universe is a path that runs along the entire perimeter of the resort, up to a natural waterfall over eight meters high. You can refresh yourself there or in the pools in the stream that you meet on your way.

World Tree is an ancient oak tree, a secluded place for meditation.

The Chinese Garden with its bio-lake. Yes, we created a typical Chinese garden where you can enjoy fruits from the trees. Bio-lake is a very clear artificial basin that houses some coi carp – a fish typical for Asia. In the lake, right where the water descends from the rocks, a small tub has been created to sit in and take a rest.

The Autumn Garden is a set of trees of purely autumnal colors that reach their maximum splendor in the foliage season. The Garden includes an antique-styled hydraulic engineering complex that dams rainwater. Here is also the romantic grotto set by sinuous brambles, to enter and read or meditate inside.

Alice’s Grove is a maple wood crossed by a stone path where water flows during the winter. It is perfect for walking or taking advantage of the hammocks located throughout the area.
Here you can find forty ancient pomegranate plants and our apiary with ten hives.

The Lavender Spiral houses three thousand lavender bushes planted in twelve spiral-shaped lines that create a surprising place to see and smell, with a magnificent view of the neighboring hills and Mount Subasio.

Mandala is a round-shaped orchard with a diameter of 84 meters, with twelve rays formed by apple, plum, pear, and cherry trees, like twelve avenues converging towards the center where an ancient oak stands.

You can contribute, too

Would you like to participate in the growth of Incantico Park?
During your stay, you can plant your tree and then come again to see it grow over the years. Request in advance, and we will give you the choice. Walnut, apricot, peach, plum, or apple, just to name a few, – what do you like most?
Planting a tree is a simple but incredibly important gesture. You can share the joy of this beautiful moment with friends and family, colleagues, and partners.

The treasures of nature, the intelligence of people

Many of the objects you can find inside Incantico are crafted by our workers.

You can come and watch how our craftsmen carve wood to shape a table or forge iron to build a chair. Their workshop is open to you and to all our guests.

History and philosophy
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